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  1. CHIPS differs from the Fedwire payment system in three key ways.
  2. Banks use the CHIPS or Fedwire system to actually effect the payment.
  3. In 2009 Fedwire originated $ 631 trillion in transfers.
  4. It operates the Fedwire money transfer system that moves more than $ 1 trillion a day.
  5. CHIPS provides real-time, immediate and final settlement of payment messages continuously throughout the day similar to Fedwire.
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  7. The transfer messages are sent via a secure system ( such as SWIFT or Fedwire ) utilizing IBAN and BIC codes.
  8. Unlike the Fedwire system which is part of a regulatory body, CHIPS is owned by the financial institutions that use it.
  9. In addition, the Fed's " Fedwire " system allows banks to transfer reserves between themselves for business customers.
  10. Such services include the clearing of checks, the operation of the Fedwire system, and the procession of automated clearing house payments.
  11. Gale, the Pennsylvania professor, is urging officials to fortify Fedwire, the electronic nervous system of U . S . banking.
  12. One of the reasons is that Fedwire is a real-time gross settlement system, while CHIPS allows payments to be netted.
  13. In addition, the Fed's " Fedwire " system allows banks to transfer reserves among each other for business customers.
  14. By spring 1998, when Fedwire, one of the 900-pound gorillas of the digital money business, moves to New Jersey, that balance will tip.
  15. Multinet needs approval from the Federal Reserve to perform multilateral netting and is applying to join the Fed system so it can access the Fedwire and the Treasury Book Entry System.
  16. New York easily moves more than $ 2 trillion every day, mostly in the international transfer business, Wall Street securities transfers, and the Federal Reserve's Fedwire.
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