feasibility in a sentence

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  1. The Treasury Department has 12 months to conduct a feasibility study.
  2. Arco had spent three years on a feasibility studying and engineering.
  3. We have spent thousands of hours on the museum feasibility study.
  4. A feasibility consultant, Lisa Westheimer, ascertained that it would.
  5. It was about the feasibility of antiretroviral therapy in developing countries.
  6. It's difficult to find feasibility in a sentence.
  7. It will be waged over feasibility, money and diplomatic fallout.
  8. It demonstrates the practical feasibility of an exciting new computational paradigm.
  9. SRI then convened the workshop in August to evaluate its feasibility.
  10. We have successfully completed a joint feasibility study with Song Cong,
  11. Muller said on Wednesday, adding that feasibility study is underway.
  12. European Union foreign ministers debated Saturday the feasibility of dispatching peacekeepers.
  13. Habibie said a feasibility study will be finished in six months.
  14. A feasibility study on the Penang Second Crossing is being prepared.
  15. As such, feasibility and management studies would be greatly reduced.
  16. We are still studying the feasibility of merging these two companies.
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