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  1. Roger Gibbs, the Odyssey deputy project manager at JPL, said the failures prompted perhaps unprecedented testing and fault analysis.
  2. Fault analysis in power systems works something like this . talk ) 19 : 48, 3 March 2008 ( UTC)
  3. Roger Gibbs, the Odyssey deputy project manager at JPL, said extensive fault analysis had been conducted for the new mission.
  4. Extensive diagnostics could then be run in conjunction with special microcode to perform fault analysis in the event of a system failure.
  5. These features, combined with fault analysis, ensure that failure of any subsystem results in non-operation of the x-ray generator to prevent accidental exposures.
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  7. The analytical technique was adopted and advanced by engineers at General Electric and Westinghouse and after World War II it was an accepted method for asymmetric fault analysis.
  8. In December 2009 an attack on some hardware implementations was published that used differential fault analysis and allows recovery of a key with a complexity of 2 32.
  9. In addition to a power-flow study, computer programs perform related calculations such as short-circuit fault analysis, stability studies ( transient and steady-state ), unit commitment and economic dispatch.
  10. Throughout the years of operation, GMI has graduated students in various fields namely design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, fault analysis and complex production plant repair, machinery, equipment, tools and manufactured products.
  11. With the objective of achieving shorter development cycles, increased software quality, and improved fault analysis, tools and solutions of this kind have been deployed in the auto industry since the early nineties.

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