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  1. The mountain itself was created by fault activity.
  2. In the Central Slyne the 27 / 5-1 well proved the presence of Late Permian evaporites including salt, possibly indicating fault activity at this time.
  3. Pebbles and cobbles are found here, encrusted with fossilised animals, which suggests that some of the sediments were already lithified; there is also some evidence of localised fault activity.
  4. The level of a fault's activity can be critical for ( 1 ) locating buildings, tanks, and pipelines and ( 2 ) assessing the paleoseismologists can estimate the sizes of past earthquakes over the past several hundred years, and develop rough projections of future fault activity.
  5. Fracture zones extend past the transform faults, away from the ridge axis; seismically inactive ( because both plate segments are moving in the same direction ), they display evidence of past transform fault activity, primarily in the different ages of the crust on opposite sides of the zone.
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  7. The clearest evidence of fault activity exists in a section of cliff between West Bay and Eype Mouth, where the junction bed thickens in a section of steps, and fractures in the rock contain sediment from the ocean bed which, most likely, was sucked in as the cracks opened.
  8. More than long and one of the largest fault scarps on the planet, Beagle Rupes marks the surface expression of a large thrust fault believed to have formed as Mercury cooled and the entire planet shrank . Beagle Rupes crosscuts Sveinsd髏tir crater and has uplifted the easternmost portion ( right side portion ) of the crater floor by almost a kilometer, indicating that most of the fault activity at Beagle Rupes occurred after the impact that created Sveinsd髏tir.

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