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  1. I'm not talking about fault-tolerant computers.
  2. Stratus makes so-called fault-tolerant computers which are designed to virtually resist breakdowns.
  3. Tandem makes so-called fault-tolerant computers designed to withstand a malfunction by using backup systems.
  4. Stratus were among the first companies specializing in the design of fault-tolerant computer systems for online transaction processing.
  5. Just a few weeks after graduation, Frechette works at Stratus Computer, a Marlborough maker of fault-tolerant computers.
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  7. It is particularly applied to systems where the duplicated components work in parallel, particularly in fault-tolerant computer systems.
  8. It was the first VAXft model, and was DEC's first fault-tolerant computer that was generally available.
  9. Sequoia makes fault-tolerant computers, rugged systems that keep working or resist data loss even when major components break down.
  10. Sales have been shrinking for the company's fault-tolerant computers, which continue to work even when parts break down.
  11. Integrated's main product is a fault-tolerant computer that already uses Sun technology and is targeted primarily at telecommunications companies.
  12. Compaq Computer Corp . on Wednesday agreed to buy the maker of fault-tolerant computers for $ 2.97 billion in stock.
  13. Tandem, based in Cupertino, Calif ., is best known as the pioneering manufacturer of so-called fault-tolerant computer systems.
  14. UltraNet president Geoff Schultz is an engineer who specialized in fault-tolerant computer systems during a 14-year career at Digital Equipment Corp.
  15. In fiscal year 1998, he said, the maker of so-called fault-tolerant computers hopes to achieve " double-digit " revenue growth.
  16. In fault-tolerant computer systems, programs that are considered resilient buildings and infrastructure are likewise expected to prevent complete failure in situations like earthquakes, floods, or collisions.
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