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  1. In addition to her research, Faulstich managed a crucible melt.
  2. Marga Faulstich was born in Weimar in 1915.
  3. In 1922, the family moved to Jena, where Faulstich attended secondary school.
  4. Therefore, 41 specialists and managers of Schott AG were brought to the western sector, including Marga Faulstich.
  5. "' Marga Faulstich "'( 16 June 1915  1 February 1998 ) was a German glass chemist.
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  7. Marga Faulstich received international recognition for the invention of the lightweight lens SF 64, for which she was honored in 1973.
  8. Here Marga Faulstich continued working on research and development of new optical glasses, with a particular focus on lenses for microscopes and binoculars.
  9. In 2014, Faulstich was appointed as the research coordinator for Energy Systems and Process Energy Technology at the Energy Research Centre of Niedersachsen.
  10. Outside, towering totem poles carved by local artist Dale Faulstich tell ancient legends of the Jamestown S'Klallam tribe that owns the casino.
  11. A talented young woman, Faulstich quickly advanced in her career-from graduate assistant to technician, then to scientific assistant, and finally to scientist.
  12. Martin Faulstich has been the chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment ( SRU ) since 2008 in which, he is a member since 2006.
  13. As a child, Faulstich developed the nickname " Dee . " The development and transformation of the name came from her Swiss-German grandfather, Conrad Bollinger.
  14. Faulstich's family history dates back to the 16th century, with the Bollinger's coming from Berigen, Switzerland and the VanderPoel's coming from Holland.
  15. At the Staatsoper Hannover, she appeared as Miss Wingrave in Britten's " Owen Wingrave ", conducted by George Alexander Albrecht, with Gerhard Faulstich in the title role.
  16. "' Edith Margaret Faulstich "'( May 22, 1907  September 4, 1972 ) of New Jersey and New York City, was a philatelist and philatelic journalist who specialized in postal history and postal covers.

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