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  1. Faulring has also published material with the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation.
  2. Faulring was born in the vicinity of Niagara Falls, New York.
  3. Faulring received his bachelor's degree in history from Brigham Young University in 1983.
  4. After retiring from the Air Force, Faulring became a research historian with the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History.
  5. Faulring has also edited a collection of documents on Oliver Cowdery and a book on the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible.
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  7. On the other hand, Faulring later wrote with Richard Lloyd Anderson a review of Todd Compton's " In Sacred Loneliness ", in which they jointly affirmed their faith in Smith as a prophet of God and criticized Compton's use of second-hand sources and even more heavily his use of the term " polyandry ".

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