farm and fleet in a sentence

  1. Hilt founded Quality Farm and Fleet.
  2. "Got'em down to Farm and Fleet less than a year ago ."
  3. Mills Fleet Farm is not affiliated with Blain's Farm and Fleet, although the companies have similar names.
  4. Blain's Farm and Fleet is not affiliated with Mills Fleet Farm, although the companies have similar names.
  5. George Edward Hilt founded with his younger brother Quality Farm and Fleet, that eventually became the largest farm-store retailer in the United States.
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  7. Quality Farm and Fleet merged with Central Tractor Farm & Country of Iowa in 1999 and became the largest farm-store retailer in the United States.
  8. Clark Garchwait, a manager at Blain's Farm and Fleet, a retail hardware store the length of a football field away from the accident, said the area is a combination of light industry and farms.
  9. But more importantly, in Janesville, the intersection of US Highways 14 & 26 ( just blocks from the Janesville Mall ) became a hotbed of " big box " development, attracting Wal-Mart, Target, ShopKo, K-Mart, and Blain's Farm and Fleet.
  10. Other major employers in the city are US Bancorp, Affiliiated Community Medical Centers ( ACMC ), Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center, Hy-Vee, Shopko, Runnings Farm and Fleet, Menards, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Southwest Minnesota State University, Turkey Valley Farms, and Marshall Public Schools.

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