farm aid in a sentence

"farm aid" in Chinese  
  1. Others take place as benefits for farmers, like Farm Aid.
  2. He's glad to be coming to Farm Aid ."
  3. Congress is expected to consider additional farm aid later this year.
  4. Farm Aid'96 was held in Columbia, South Carolina.
  5. Willie's Farm Aid kept some farmers and their land together.
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  7. The $ 6 billion in new farm aid is misguided,
  8. President Carlos Salinas de Gortari gave him his farm aid.
  9. Nelson, Young and Mellencamp founded Farm Aid in 1985.
  10. He debuted the song live on Farm Aid 15 with Allison Moorer.
  11. The band also performed at the very first Farm Aid in 1985.
  12. Silk has been a supporter of Farm Aid since 2002.
  13. She has also appeared in Farm Aid and Lilith Fair.
  14. Next summer marks the 25th anniversaries of Live Aid and Farm Aid.
  15. Except for the farm aid measure, none of the victories are final.
  16. Lawmakers are working on a package of farm aid approaching $ 9 billion.
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