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  1. His father, a federal farm agent, had been transferred to Casper.
  2. State Farm agents will answer questions while transactions are handled on the Internet.
  3. State Farm agents, who learned of the new program last week, also expressed concern.
  4. Bhatt's store has been in the plaza near the State Farm agents for seven years.
  5. Flood insurance policies only go into effect 30 days after they're written, the State Farm agent said.
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  7. The region has 248 State Farm agents, independent business owners who contract with the Bloomington, Ill .-based insurance giant.
  8. Last month, they called their State Farm agent to sign up for earthquake insurance for their brick-trimmed clapboard house.
  9. "This is going to be so big you wouldn't believe, " said Jim Slatt, a State Farm agent in Centerville.
  10. One State Farm agent assumed the renter needed $ 300, 000 worth of personal liability coverage when quoting a rate.
  11. A State Farm agent said the company won't write policies for anyone who hasn't been its customer in the past six months.
  12. Currently, State Farm agents in Ohio are not able to sell certificates of deposit because of unresolved regulatory issues with the state.
  13. Lou Miller, a State Farm agent in San Antonio, said, " We are supposed to take the time to become more profitable ."
  14. On Friday, four former and two current State Farm agents held a press conference at the National Press Building to air their grievances.
  15. In anticipation of power failures, State Farm agents also are making backup copies of their computer files and printing out all policies on paper.
  16. Thirty-nine current and former State Farm agents appealed to Congress Friday to investigate the insurance giant, claiming the company has abused policyholders and agents.
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