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  1. Modern commercially mass-produced potato farls, however, are often rectangular in form.
  2. A Irish breakfast is usually accompanied by soda bread but in Northern Ireland an Ulster fry can contain fried soda farls.
  3. In Northern Ireland, the term generally refers to soda bread and to potato bread or cakes ( potato farls ).
  4. _Potato farls : These, Qualters said, are a bit like Irish soda bread but made into rolls instead of a loaf.
  5. Potato farls are square slices ( usually around 0.5-1 cm in thickness ) of soft potato bread, lightly powdered with flour and are common in Ulster, especially Northern Ireland.
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  7. The " griddle cakes ", " griddle bread " ( or " soda farls " in Ulster ) take a more rounded shape and have a cross cut in the top to allow the bread to expand.
  8. The typical Ulster Fry contains a fried egg, two bangers, two rashers, two slices each of black and white puddings, scones or potato farls, a couple of sauteed mushrooms and a slice or two of roasted tomato.
  9. While soda bread can also be baked as a normal loaf, that used in an Ulster fry breakfast is made as farls ( that is to say, flat rounds about 3 / 4 inch thick which are then cut into quarters ).
  10. Known locally as "'fadge "'( potato cakes ), they are traditionally used as one of the distinguishing items of food in an Ulster Fry, where they are shallow-fried on both sides for a short time and served with Soda farls cooked in the same way.

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