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  1. Sturiosoma catfish are often grouped with the Rineloricaria and Farlowella genuses.
  2. The genus Farlowella is composed of the slightly smaller and more delecate twig catfish, which grow to a length of about 15cm.
  3. Members of this genus typically are long and thin, or'twiglike'and superficially resemble the genus " Farlowella " of the same family.
  4. These fish may reach a length of SL . They appear rather similar to the closely related " Farlowella ", though they have a larger mouth, deeper and wider body, and thicker caudal peduncle.
  5. ""'Farlowella " "'is a genus of fish in the rostrum and a brownish color with two lateral dark stripes beginning at the tip of the rostrum, passing over the eyes and ending at the tail, which are periodically interrupted on the caudal peduncle.
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