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  1. Farlow's musical originality was a reflection of his life.
  2. Farlow said he and Martin also responded to a challenge from Cozzetto.
  3. Boyer and Farlow, too, have acknowledged their mistakes.
  4. He spent a total of seven years at the Farlow.
  5. The Norvo, Farlow and Mingus trio recorded two LPs for Savoy.
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  7. Subsequent directors included Steve Moffitt and Alice King-Farlow.
  8. Mitchell also appeared in documentaries about Tal Farlow, and Zoot Sims.
  9. Dusty Farlow ( Jared Martin ) is Sue Ellen's lover.
  10. Tessa King-Farlow was educated at Downe House School.
  11. Ed J . Farlow was the first postmaster and Cole the second.
  12. When Farlow won the Alabama Mid-Amateur, others started to notice.
  13. Said Farlow : " This ball took off like a chain letter.
  14. However, the actor who played baby Christopher ( Eric Farlow ) attended.
  15. Farlow left the group in 1953 and guitarist Jimmy Raney took his place.
  16. Alongside Frayne, the classic lineup was Billy C . Farlow ( b.
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