farlim in a sentence

  1. Condominium developer Farlim Group Bhd gained 35 sen to 7.30 ringgit.
  2. Farlim sells stake in Max Surplus for RM4.95m
  3. In property, Farlim Group ( M ) shot up 148 places to the 84th spot.
  4. A new township named Farlim was also developed to the southeast in the 1980s . Suffolk House ]]
  5. Farlim would develop over 3, 000 residential units in the Klang Valley and Penang this year and in 1999.
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  7. Farlim has, in fact, gained about RM4 million from its recent disposal of a stake in a company there.
  8. Lim said Farlim has maintained a ratio of 65 : 35 for low to medium cost units to high rise and upmarket units.
  9. The disposal represents a good opportunity for the group to realise some of its investment and would contribute positively to its cash resources, Farlim said in a statement.
  10. The proposed acquisition would allow the group to carry out property development activities in strategic locations which in turn would enhance its long-term profitability, Farlim said.
  11. PROPERTY developer Farlim Group ( Malaysia ) Bhd, which jointly operates more than 35 factories in China, will embark on a property development project in the country soon.
  12. The proposed acquisition is however not expected to have an effect on the share capital, net tangible assets and earnings of the Farlim Group for the financial year ending December 31 1997.
  13. Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Farlim said another wholly-owned subsidiary, Bandar Subang Sdn Bhd, had acquired the entire 250, 000 shares in Angkatan Wawasan Sdn Bhd for RM250, 000.
  14. FARLIM Group ( M ) Bhd has proposed to acquire the entire paid-up capital of Angkatan Wawasan Sad Bhd for RM250, 000 . to enhance the group's long-term profitability prospects.
  15. Lim, who is also the company's chief executive, said Farlim's involvement in property projects in China would help it to gain capital appreciation and diversify its earnings base from overseas operations.
  16. In addition, in view of the on-going demands for the company's properties, Farlim was confident that it would be able to cope with any expected impact from the current economic situation.
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