farley wood in a sentence

  1. The main part of Popeswood lies north of the Amen Corner and Farley Wood.
  2. Farley Wood Community Centre is nearby.
  3. Nancy Farley Wood worked with Simpson and is credited with the development and production of the radiation detectors for the laboratory.
  4. There are large ponds at Farley Wood and the Easthampstead Mill Pond between Great Hollands and Wildridings, and two lakes at South Hill Park.
  5. In the town centre was the 12-storey Winchester House, formerly owned by 3M who moved to new premises in Farley Wood on the town's northern edge in 2004.
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  7. On the other side of the valley is Romsley Hill, the valley banks of which are covered by Great Farley Wood beyond Romsley Hill are a number of lower hills ( Windmill, Chapman's and Waseley ) which join the Clent Hills to the Lickey Hills in one continuous chain.

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