farley stillwell in a sentence

  1. Jameson then decided to hire Gargan as the subject of a barely tested process that would endow him with the useful characteristics of a particular animal with the help of Dr . Farley Stillwell.
  2. In truth, it was actually biochemist Dr . Charlie Goss who used the machines that were previously used by Dr . Farley Stillwell and his brother Dr . Harlan Stillwell so that they can have a newer Vulture.
  3. During a class field trip to see a demonstration of NeoGenic radiation, carried on by Professor Farley Stillwell, a spider crawled into Stillwell's machine and became irradiated, biting Peter in the hand and granting him the proportionate abilities of a spider, including superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, agility, senses and a " Spider-Sense " that warned him of imminent danger.
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