farley hills in a sentence

  1. The mansion is located in Farley Hill, Barbados.
  2. In the late 12th century a'hospital'was built on the Stockwood Estate in Farley Hill.
  3. The estates at Farley Hill, Hockwell Ring and Stopsley were all built at about the same time.
  4. In 1790 he bought an estate at Farley Hill, Berkshire and resided there at the mansion known as Farley Hill Court.
  5. In 1790 he bought an estate at Farley Hill, Berkshire and resided there at the mansion known as Farley Hill Court.
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  7. "' Stockwood Park "'is a large urban park in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the Farley Hill estate.
  8. Gray lived at Darcy Lever Hall, near Bolton, in Lancashire ( now Greater Manchester ) and Farley Hill Place in Berkshire.
  9. There were several collieries in Winding Gulf such as, No . 1 camp, No . 2 camp, Lynwynn camp, Epperly Hill, and Farley Hill.
  10. After the Second World War there were several estates and developments constructed both by the local council such as Farley Hill or Marsh Farm, or privately such as Bushmead.
  11. In 1988 Rotheram High School, a school situated in Farley Hill approximately a mile away from Stockwood High School, was closed due to administrative costs and falling attendance numbers.
  12. Farley Hill is served by two Junior schools, St Margaret Of Scotland Roman Catholic which opened in 1960 to serve the large, mainly Irish, Roman Catholic population and Farley Juniors which opened in 1956.
  13. He married in 1797 and had five children at his stately home of Farley Hill near Godalming in Surrey, where he died aged 46 in August 1813, less than a year after his promotion to rear-admiral.
  14. The college beagle pack ( Christ Church and Farley Hill Beagles ), which was formerly one of several undergraduate packs in Oxford, is no longer formally connected with the college or the university, but continues to be staffed and followed by some Oxford undergraduates.
  15. After 10 minutes, he left . An hour and a half later, he reached Farley Hill, and at about five o'clock, Straffen came to the point where 5-year-old Linda Bowyer was riding her bicycle around the village.
  16. The church is known for having detailed stained glass, the main show piece being the eastern detail, a donation from Thomas Briggs in memory of his parents Sir and Lady Graham Briggs, owners of the Grenade Hall Plantation which at the time included the Farley Hill Great House.
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