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  1. In general, contention abounds regarding phylogenetic relationships in the family Brassicaceae.
  2. In 1832, Jaques 蓆ienne Gay named the genus " Morisia " ( family Brassicaceae ) in his honor.
  3. The botanical genus " Pritzelago " from the family Brassicaceae was named after him by Otto Kuntze ( 1843-1907 ).
  4. "' Sinapine "'is an alkaloidal amine found in some seeds, particularly oil seeds of plants in the family Brassicaceae.
  5. Unlike many other genera in the family Brassicaceae, " Raphanus " has indehiscent fruit that do not split open at maturity to reveal the seeds.
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  7. He published important systematic treatments of the families Brassicaceae ( then known as Cruciferae ) and Erythroxylaceae, and he is the authority for numerous species within these families.
  8. "' Cauliflower "'is one of several vegetables in the species " Brassica oleracea " in the genus Brassica, which is in the family Brassicaceae.
  9. He was the author of a 1903 treatise on the genus " Cardamine " ( family Brassicaceae ), titled " " Monographie der Gattung Cardamine " ".
  10. On the journey he collected regional plants, and after his death Scottish botanist Robert Brown ( 1773 1858 ) named the botanical genus " Oudneya " from the family Brassicaceae in his honor.
  11. Gyllenhal, which is a significant Delia " spp . in the family Anthomyiidae ) of agricultural crops in the mustard and cabbage family Brassicaceae, such as cabbage, rutabaga, canola, and many others.
  12. They are rather similar to those of the wild radish ( also in family Brassicaceae ) which is found in the same regions, and careful attention to the leaves and stems is needed to tell the two plants apart.
  13. The Austrian botanist Otto Stapf named the plant genus " Thellungia " of the Poaceae family of grasses after him, and Otto Eugen Schulz named the genus " Thellungiella " ( family Brassicaceae ) in his honor.
  14. A rare endemic plant known as hairy rockcress or hairy braya ( " Braya pilosa ", genus Braya of family Brassicaceae ) is known to grow in five locations on Cape Bathurst as well as the nearby Baillie Islands.
  15. A rare endemic plant known as hairy rockcress or hairy braya ( " Braya pilosa ", genus Braya of family Brassicaceae ) is known to grow in five locations on the Baillie Islands as well as the nearby Cape Bathurst.
  16. ""'Caulanthus inflatus " "', the "'desert candle "', is a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae, native to the Mojave Desert of California and Nevada, and the southern Sierra Nevada and Transverse Ranges in the United States.
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