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  1. During the same years he relaunched the Gelati Cecchi 1936 family brand.
  2. All Ibis Family brands ( corporately styled " ibis " ) feature the SweetBed.
  3. My goal is to build a stronger family brand name and expand the current audience.
  4. Our future is bright, gentlemen, because we're organized, we're flexible, we're LCN 2000, the family brand.
  5. At the international TYPO3 Conference 2012 ( T3CON12 ) TYPO3 was announced as a family brand.
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  7. The four Oliva siblings, the great-grandchildren of Melanio Oliva, remain actively involved in the family brand.
  8. Ceragon markets its products under the FibeAir family brand ( Short-Haul ) and the Evolution family brand ( Long-Haul ).
  9. Ceragon markets its products under the FibeAir family brand ( Short-Haul ) and the Evolution family brand ( Long-Haul ).
  10. "' Yepp "'was Samsung Electronics'digital audio player brand until Samsung decided to retire most of their family brands in February 2011.
  11. He came to 45th Street recently to talk about how he and his cousins have set out to upgrade the family brand.
  12. Holmes'grandmother Mabel became famous for inventing the Jiffy line of baking mixes in 1930, and the family brand served as a sponsor for Holmes'cars.
  13. In 2000, Granat co-founded Walden Media, a multi-billion dollar trusted family brand in film, Michael Flaherty earned the prestigious John Templeton Foundation Epiphany Prize.
  14. But the whole point of " White Chicks " is to give the Wayans a platform to showcase their family brand of slapstick and one-liners.
  15. A number of family brands such as Kaltenberg, Black Cola, Two Dogs, and X . O . Premium Blend are all recognized products of the brewery.
  16. The iChoc products are also made purely organically, however, in contrast to the family brand, they are sold in the regular trade, as well as at kiosks and petrol stations.
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