familiar face in a sentence

"familiar face" in Chinese  
  1. It was opened by the familiar faces of their former neighbors.
  2. There were few familiar faces and no millionaires to be seen.
  3. Analysts said Sprint's new program has a familiar face.
  4. Already, they're becoming familiar faces around both towns.
  5. He spots a familiar face and interrupts himself to say hi.
  6. It's difficult to find familiar face in a sentence.
  7. HISTORY : Tracing a Very Familiar Face ? c . 1996 Newsweek
  8. If they try Firebird, they will see some familiar faces.
  9. To be sure, some old, familiar faces were there.
  10. A most familiar face and smile were back in Foxboro Stadium.
  11. But now Bird is gone, as are many familiar faces.
  12. The young cyclist is becoming a familiar face around the city.
  13. But the amount of familiar faces on the course was unusual.
  14. The other members are also familiar faces in the White House.
  15. Correspondents Bob Simon and Dan Rather " are familiar faces.
  16. The Sacramento Kings brought several familiar faces to the Sports Arena.
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