familiar creature in a sentence

  1. It was a familiar creature, a relative, an animate partner.
  2. Enemies include familiar creatures from the " Zelda " universe.
  3. It involves a cat and some familiar creatures, including a squirrel, a rabbit and a blue jay.
  4. But for such a familiar creature, the earthworm has in many ways been an object of mystery to scientists.
  5. The nisse is one of the most familiar creatures of Scandinavian folklore, and he has appeared in many works of Scandinavian literature.
  6. It's difficult to find familiar creature in a sentence.
  7. They discover some small figurines of monsters ( such as a werewolf, a medusa, and other familiar creatures ) in an old abandoned house.
  8. Familiar creatures _ wild camels, wild horses, giant beavers, giant capybaras, several kinds of deer, antelope, bear and llama _ disappeared.
  9. There's something endearing about even the most ferocious of these prehistoric mammals, perhaps because many are bigger, toothier versions of the familiar creatures we know today.
  10. As if called forth by tribal drums, the theater becomes alive with familiar creatures of dreamlike beauty, ostentatiously unreal and absolutely authentic in spite of the actor-handlers we see manipulating them.
  11. Of course, some would argue that the point in these news stories is not that familiar creatures are newly nasty, but that we are finally willing to accept their, well, wild natures and rise above our innate anthropomorphism.
  12. Whenever I've had bouillabaisse in France, there have been both fish and shellfish and long things that looked like sea worms that I could not identify, along with more familiar creatures, like clams and mussels and fat chunks of monkfish.
  13. Once Baby Einstein caught on with parents, Clark ran with the concept, producing in quick succession Baby Mozart, with simplified Mozart melodies; the similar Baby Bach; Baby Shakespeare, with classical poems; Baby Van Gogh, with paintings by Vincent Van Gogh; Baby Santa, with holiday scenes; Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals and Baby Dolittle World Animals, with photos and illustrations of familiar creatures; and the latest in the series, Baby Newton, a 30-minute video tour of five basic shapes.

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