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  1. A typical trait of familialism is the insistence that normality resides in the patriarchal nuclear family.
  2. It is suggested that Asian familialism became more fixed after encounters with Europeans following the Age of Discovery.
  3. According to Deleuze and Guattari, among the psychiatrists only Karl Jaspers and Ronald Laing, have escaped familialism.
  4. Imposition of Western-style familialism on other cultures has been disruptive to traditional non-nuclear family forms such as matrilineality.
  5. The terms " Christian values " and " family values " are often used as a euphemism for Familialism by the Christian right.
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  7. Through familialism, and the psychoanalysis based on it, guilt is inscribed upon the family's smallest member, the child, and parental authority is absolved.
  8. As such, Western familialism usually opposes other social forms and models that are chosen as alternatives ( i . e . single-parent, LGBT parenting, etc . ).
  9. Historians explain this rarity by underlining the specific context of the " Trente Glorieuses " ( Thirty Glorious Years ) and of the baby boom, leading to a strengthening of familialism and patriarchy.
  10. The term " familialism " has been specifically used for advocating a welfare system wherein it is presumed that families will take responsibility for the care of its members rather than leaving that responsibility to the government.
  11. In the Western world, familialism views the nuclear family of one father, one mother, and their child or children as the central and primary social unit of human ordering and the principal unit of a functioning society and civilization.
  12. Michel Foucault wrote that through familialism psychoanalysis completed and perfected what the psychiatry of 19th century insane asylums had set out to do and that it enforced the power structures of madness has remained the prisoner of the familial postulate and its correlates.
  13. Familialism has been atypically defined as a  social structure where & a family's values are held in higher esteem than the values of the individual members of the family .  Favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit is called nepotism.
  14. In the address, Orb醤 repudiated the classical liberal theory of the state as a free association of national self-sufficiency, national sovereignty, familialism, full employment, and the preservation of cultural heritage, and cited countries such as Turkey, Singapore, Russia, and China as models.

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