familial values in a sentence

  1. The familial values she professed were praised as a strength of her community.
  2. In the premodern, patriarchal Korean society, people were extremely conscious of familial values and their own family identities.
  3. Backstage, Shlomo and Boris argue once more, with Boris mentioning Shlomo's dedication to his business pursuits over familial values.
  4. This boy is torn between familial values and a normal need for peer acceptance, which is too important for us to ignore, says Carlsson-Paige.
  5. The decline of Buddhism in India has been attributed to a variety of factors, which include the resurgence of an aggressive Hinduism in the 10th and 11th centuries under Sankaracharya, the later Turkish invasion, the Buddhist focus on renunciation as opposed to familial values and private property, Hinduism's own use and appropriation of Buddhist and Jain ideals of renunciation and ahimsa, etc . Although Buddhism virtually disappeared from mainstream India by the 11th century CE, its presence remained and manifested itself through other movements such as the Bhakti tradition, Vaishnavism and the Bauls of Bengal, who are influenced by the Sahajjyana form of Buddhism that was popular in Bengal during the Pala period.
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