familial tendency in a sentence

"familial tendency" in Chinese  
  1. The familial tendency to develop these cancers is called hereditary breast ovarian cancer syndrome.
  2. She also stresses that a range of genetic and social factors may contribute to a familial tendency toward alcoholism.
  3. The subtext implies the existence of secret societies or conspiracies, and familial tendencies and groupings found within those darker worlds.
  4. "There is a familial tendency, so obviously there's a big genetic component, " he said.
  5. If you have a familial tendency to have atherosclerotic heart disease, it does not matter really whether you are an athlete or not,
  6. It's difficult to find familial tendency in a sentence.
  7. The mother already faced the specter of a strong familial tendency to cancer, which was a threat she had learned to live with.
  8. There is some evidence of a familial tendency to the condition, particularly to a partial palsy involving the superior division of the nerve with an autosomal recessive inheritance.

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