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  1. The commission noted attempts to convince false testimony and destruction of evidence.
  2. As you know, providing false testimony to Congress is a serious matter,
  3. Walters's false testimony was actually confirmed in NY v . Robie Drake.
  4. The narrative in 1 Kings 21 describes a case of false testimony.
  5. False testimony is among the things that defile a person, Jesus says.
  6. It's difficult to find false testimony in a sentence.
  7. Diane encourages Maxie to perjure herself and knowingly accepts Carly's false testimony.
  8. False testimony and fabrications about Bernhardi striking the priest inflame the endemic antisemitism.
  9. Waggonner believed the false testimony of Favor's accuser, Floyd Edward Cumbey.
  10. By 1996 it was discovered that he used false testimony and fake letters.
  11. The judge faulted Yogman for failing to correct the false testimony of Campbell.
  12. A key question is whether Cummings'conviction was based on false testimony.
  13. Via was also accused of soliciting a false testimony in another murder case.
  14. Withers'attorney suggested the cash she got for the interview motivated her false testimony.
  15. It is immaterial whether the false testimony is given orally or in writing.
  16. Sandoval argued that Castrellon offered false testimony to help his own legal situation.
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