fales in a sentence

  1. But Fales also says he was infuriated by the Waco shootout.
  2. Mrs . Fales took her stand in Harvard Square for two reasons.
  3. Iten Fales is not a woman to be taken lightly.
  4. The race in Douglas is on the brink, Ralph Fales said.
  5. Fales promised to shave his head if Canada wins the World Cup.
  6. It's difficult to find fales in a sentence.
  7. His personal papers are archived at Fales Library at New York University.
  8. Beach fales are also common in other parts of Polynesia.
  9. Fales played high school football at Palma School in Salinas, California.
  10. In the fourth quarter, Fales would be intercepted by Robert Nelson.
  11. "McVeigh is a mentally deranged jerk, " said Fales.
  12. The Fales post office existed on the south-western boundary in 1877.
  13. The move came right after the New England Patriots attempted to sign Fales.
  14. Fales flew it in honor of a buddy who never came home from Vietnam.
  15. But Mrs . Iten Fales did not go home empty-handed Monday afternoon.
  16. Afterward, they gathered around equipment manager Jamie Fales and handed him a razor.
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