fakest in a sentence

  1. Is she for real, or is she an accomplished fake?
  2. It also has a bit of the old fake wood inside.
  3. It's a Hollywood tradition as old as fake storefronts.
  4. Lemieux said he knew the signature had to be a fake.
  5. Ms . Wigfall : " They said we were faking.
  6. It's difficult to find fakest in a sentence.
  7. It seems that, yes, the fake rock was there.
  8. On the sideline, he was told to call the fake.
  9. What we see is that everything that goes up gets faked,
  10. So many light recipes used strange food substitutes or fake ingredients.
  11. A sixth trooper was acquitted of faking evidence in two cases.
  12. I faked a little Chopin, you faked a big response.
  13. I faked a little Chopin, you faked a big response.
  14. Nellie up-faked Young Turks into the championship flags there.
  15. Barthelemy has since said his name was faked on the form.
  16. Their weapons are fake money orders and trumped-up liens.
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