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  1. Kimberlite classification is based on the recognition of differing rock facies.
  2. There are two principal facies of lower Paleozoic rocks in Nevada.
  3. The upper facies is a fossil poor assemblage of calcareous mudstones.
  4. The Kope is the most distal facies of the ramp complex.
  5. The winning team facies an imposing wall in the final round.
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  7. The contact of the two metamorphic facies is located within Taganga.
  8. "Cretaceous shelf sandstones and related facies of Utah and Wyoming.
  9. After suturing, fluvial facies are overlying the marine Subathu Formation.
  10. It is an indicator mineral of the prehnite-pumpellyite metamorphic facies.
  11. Peripheral volcanic facies suggest the lamproite eruption formed a maar.
  12. Affected fetuses develop pulmonary hypoplasia, limb deformities, and characteristic facies.
  13. Discrete seismic units are similarly referred to as seismic facies.
  14. These contain facies that are affected by tide and wave fluvial processes.
  15. This facies and its rocks are commonly known as lower Oxford Clay.
  16. The descriptions of strata based on physical appearance define facies.
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