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  1. Were facially neutral explanations sufficient without more, Batson would be meaningless.
  2. The redundancy argument, it must be said, is facially plausible.
  3. If the form is " facially sufficient,"
  4. Terribly facially disfigured by a bomb explosion on Cyprus 1958.
  5. There is no doubt that the intangibles tax facially discriminates against interstate commerce.
  6. It's difficult to find facially in a sentence.
  7. I find that approach to be facially constitutional.
  8. Facially there are some resemblances between the two.
  9. And I believe I appear more attractive when ( facially ) shaven than not.
  10. Facially, she's as fresh and outdoorsy as a J . Crew model.
  11. This is a movie of long silences, with much of the acting done facially.
  12. I fall in love with someone which i don't know physically or facially.
  13. Current decisions that may seem facially neutral may have discriminatory outcomes because of past discriminatory actions
  14. Through the park, the pair pass a facially deformed man and men who are fighting.
  15. This caprimulguid has a large, flattened head with large eyes; facially it lacks rictal bristles.
  16. He was facially scarred following a stunt accident during the filming of " Dune ".
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