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  1. Quakes manager Tim Flannery is developing . . . facial ticks.
  2. Our big problem was finding mannequins with the right facial features.
  3. Of course, there's no facial bag for passengers.
  4. Facial expressions and gestures are as important as the spoken word.
  5. SEX Some, expressed as passionate kissing and ecstatic facial expressions.
  6. It's difficult to find facial in a sentence.
  7. Respondents, however, present a facial challenge to the regulation.
  8. In American cartoons, facial expressions and mouth movements are fluid.
  9. He suffered facial burns and went into heart and respiratory failure.
  10. When Mr . Levin saw me, his facial expression changed,
  11. It was the Rangers'official facial expression of the evening.
  12. Smith required surgery on the eye and reconstruction of facial bones.
  13. developed intermittent facial paralysis, similar to Bell's palsy.
  14. They learn to trim their facial hair and shed most jewelry.
  15. Dermabrasion, a sort of facial sanding, is another option.
  16. They have two eyes but no mouths or other facial features.
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