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  1. Surgical specialists who commonly treat specific aspects of facial trauma are oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
  2. Doctors discovered brain swelling, nose fractures and facial trauma, according to her family's lawyer.
  3. The doctors discovered brain swelling, nose fractures and facial trauma, her family's lawyer said Thursday.
  4. Furthermore, rates of cranio-facial trauma and infection increased through time demonstrating that the civilization collapsed amid illness and injury.
  5. Brandon's facial trauma was so severe that his 23-year-old brother, Tim Denny, didn't recognize him.
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  7. She suffered " crano-facial trauma with a nasal fracture, " forcing her to stay off the job for 12 days.
  8. Daimio still displays serious facial trauma from the events that killed him in 2001, including a gaping tear in his left cheek and missing left ear.
  9. However, if a body is decomposed, skeletal, or unrecognizable due to severe facial trauma at the time of recovery, other methods must be used.
  10. The plainclothes detective who was attacked, William Sample, was in serious condition Tuesday with serious facial trauma, but his injuries were not life threatening, police said.
  11. He suffered a range of injuries, including facial trauma and fractures, a concussion, broken ribs and a pneumothorax; he was taken to hospital and placed in an induced coma.
  12. McDermott is commonly referred to as " Bone ", a nickname referring to the damage done to his nose due to excessive facial trauma experienced whilst playing in both the SANFL and AFL.
  13. Penetrating facial trauma can pose a risk to the airway and breathing; airway obstruction can occur later due to vitreous humor to leak from it, and presents a serious threat to eyesight.
  14. Many of those who survived were injured in the course of the fighting; some injuries, such as facial traumas, resulted in the victim being shunned by wider society and banned from public events.
  15. Dr Subramaniam said that owing to the small number of plastic surgeons in Malaysia, those in the public sector were responsible for treating congenital abnormalities, burn management, and facial trauma ( caused by accidents ).
  16. The stewardess suffered " crano-facial trauma with a nasal fracture, " forcing her to stay off the job for 12 days, according to a statement by France's National Airline Pilots Union.
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