facial tics in a sentence

"facial tics" in Chinese  
  1. The most distressing, though still fairly rare, problem is facial tics.
  2. It helps them use your own gestures and facial tics to infuse the characters.
  3. The familiar facial tics simply looked odd.
  4. Then, the facial tics developed : eye tics, mouth tics, vocal tics.
  5. All they saw were the facial tics.
  6. It's difficult to find facial tics in a sentence.
  7. "It's not unlike stuttering or having a facial tic ."
  8. The illness is marked by small tremors, such as facial tics and shaking hands.
  9. It has quirky characters galore, all with sundry facial tics and eyes that dart about.
  10. A few days later Deenie's friend Gabby has a fit and develops facial tics.
  11. Dick and Linda Elsea say his snoring and apnea have returned, along with a disfiguring facial tic.
  12. She plays her Anna with more facial tics than usual, risking crossing over into Ally McBeal territory.
  13. He's got a bothersome facial tic that suggests there's plenty boiling under his blank surface.
  14. The facial tics were a trait that ran in the royal German-Russian-British family in many branches.
  15. He also has difficulties lying or keeping a secret, giving himself away with wild facial tics and implausible statements.
  16. In addition to uncontrollable facial tics and jerky muscular spasms, Miles sometimes emits strange noises that people mistake for laughter.
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