facial cream in a sentence

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  1. You can't rub it into your skin like a facial cream.
  2. Griffin reveals that he is actually visible under the facial cream, and they kiss.
  3. The marketing strategies proved successful, as sales of the Pond's facial creams went up again.
  4. Forget the make-up; wear facial cream for the evening.
  5. A new Goo Ball is introduced, which is ground up by the Corporation into a facial cream.
  6. It's difficult to find facial cream in a sentence.
  7. Besides attar of roses, Kazanlak produces rose-scented toilet waters and facial creams, rose-flavored jam and even rose wine.
  8. Later, in a hospital, Griffin has recovered and is wearing facial cream so that he can be visible again.
  9. :: Perhaps in their search for porn they are deluged with images of cats, facial creams, and building construction?
  10. Dog meat lovers in South Korea can find the delicacy in hamburgers, soups, biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, and even facial creams.
  11. To avenge her wardrobe, Ann dumps glitter into Tom's facial cream ( although he likes the idea of glitter cream ).
  12. Later, an apologetic Griffin demonstrates his existence to Sorenson by putting on a robe and smearing facial cream on his features.
  13. Products containing glycolic acid like Skintel AHA soap, astringent, toner, and facial cream speed up the natural exfoliating process to reveal healthy-looking skin.
  14. It is used as an ingredient in the skincare brand Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for its high concentrations of potassium which provides a hydrating effect.
  15. Then Capriati suddenly was a name everyone knew, a smiling 14-year-old millionaire whacking ground strokes week after week, and hawking facial cream on the side.
  16. When she blurted out in an interview segment that she uses few facial creams, she quickly remembered that she is a paid spokeswoman for Estee Lauder.
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