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  1. In 1770, he conceived of the facial angle to measure intelligence among species of men.
  2. The facial angles of Moors and Kalmyks was calculated to be 70 degrees, and that of a European 80 degrees.
  3. His style was characterized by precise control of lighting pattern and facial angles in every " candid " reception shot.
  4. The artist-anatomist Camper's developed a theory to measure the facial angle, for which he is chiefly known in later anthropological literature.
  5. Pieter Camper invented the " facial angle ", a measure meant to determine jawbone to the most prominent part of the forehead.
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  7. After its launch in 1926, Melody Maker featured song sheets and advice for musicians, such as " how the facial angle affects clarinet playing ."
  8. The facial angle was formed by drawing two lines : a horizontal line from nostril to ear; and a vertical line from the upper-jawbone prominence to the forehead prominence.
  9. "' Facial Angles "'refers to the content of two lectures on this subject by the Amsterdam professor of anatomy Petrus Camper on the 1st and 8 August in 1770 to the Amsterdam Drawing Academy called the " Teken-akademie ".
  10. Camper claimed that both edges of the spectrum were monsters, which is to say that orangutans and apes ( with facial angle 42-50 degrees ) were just as ugly as Sophocles'Medusa engraved in profile by Bernard Picart for Philipp von Stosch's " Pierres Antiques Grav閑s ".
  11. Camper's craniometry reported that antique statues ( the Gr鎐o Roman ideal ) had a 90-degree facial angle, Europeans an 80-degree angle, Blacks a 70-degree angle, and the orangutan a 58-degree facial angle thus he established a racist biological hierarchy for mankind, per the Decadent conception of history.
  12. Devising similar easy to learn " 1-2-3 " techniques for posing people and finding the most flattering facial angles allowed Mr . Zucker to effectively teach complex topics like lighting and posing at large venues like a PPofA National convention to an audience of hundreds in a way they could later go home and duplicate successfully.
  13. :" The arm is two inches longer in proportion than that of a Caucasian, and the hands hang level with the kneecaps; the facial angle is seventy as against eighty three, the brain weighs thirty five as against forty five; the skull is much thicker . . . there is no growth in intelligence once manhood is reached ."

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