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  1. The freewheel can be locked by a control on the facia.
  2. Facia owns Sock Shop and other stores in the U . K.
  3. Sometimes caulking joints in the seams of the facia board will help.
  4. In 1995 they sold the brand to Stephen Hinchliffe's Facia Group.
  5. New windows were also fitted to the library and old facia boards were replaced.
  6. It's difficult to find facia in a sentence.
  7. Facia has in the past bought Sock Shop and other ailing retailers at low prices.
  8. This is prima facia . sum 00 : 23, 7 October 2008 ( UTC)
  9. Facia collapsed the next year, and receivers sold Red or Dead back to the Hemingways.
  10. The interior shares most parts with Ka except StreetKa has its facia painted blue rather than silver.
  11. This is such a prima facia bad idea that we really shouldn't have to debate it.
  12. The case was remanded to the District court of Louisiana, with directions to award a Venire facias de novo.
  13. None of the material is prima facia libelious, and the talk page is the correct place to discuss its merits.
  14. In 1996 sold FHM, Manfield, True Form, Saxone and Curtess to entrepreneur Stephen Hinchliffe and his business Facia.
  15. Similarly, claiming to have talked to this or that person is prima facia WP : original research and not allowed.
  16. Additionally, " scire facias ", one of the extraordinary writs, was once known as a prerogative writ.
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