facetious in a sentence

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  1. Tut, my facetious feline, has discovered the practical joke.
  2. This last might have have been utterly sincere or mildly facetious.
  3. Happily, such pessimism, however facetious, has proved unwarranted.
  4. The remark was not sexist _ more of a facetious aside.
  5. The argument of NPOV is a red-herring and facetious.
  6. It's difficult to find facetious in a sentence.
  7. Maybe he's just being facetious because he was warned.
  8. So I assumed that he was being a bit facetious there.
  9. It was clearly meant to be facetious, " he said.
  10. It includes profanity, facetious violence, brief nudity and sexual situations.
  11. "I don't mean to be facetious.
  12. "You're being facetious, " she said.
  13. This is neither as facetious nor as trivial as it may sound.
  14. Rainbowe was facetious but acquitted himself to the satisfaction of his auditors.
  15. Your reasoning for deleting the article and its entire history is facetious.
  16. Yet the ACSH's question is not as facetious as it sounds.
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