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  1. There were no black heroes, just faceless thieves and tribesmen.
  2. And yet it is largely faceless _ at least in America.
  3. The abstract faceless pile of numbers dehumanizes the children once again.
  4. Faceless, playful political theater against big business is not new.
  5. These guys are faceless enough behind sheet metal and beneath helmet.
  6. It's difficult to find faceless in a sentence.
  7. We worried about nuclear warheads sent by the faceless Russian enemy.
  8. But he also knew the faceless bureaucrats, the career staff.
  9. Such attacks from faceless enemies on innocent people are about terror.
  10. This is a much more faceless enemy and not a country.
  11. Unlike Osama Bin Laden, Mughniyah is the ultimate faceless terrorist.
  12. "agile " and " faceless ."
  13. Such faceless services have had mixed success in the United States.
  14. He is also the faceless master of the Koga ninja clan.
  15. He appears as a literally faceless man bearing a golden sword.
  16. The ghastly faceless corpse reverts into the child she once was.
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