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  1. Instead, he has said the nation faces an insurance crisis.
  2. It was opened by the familiar faces of their former neighbors.
  3. Gwynn said, his face screwing up in an uncharacteristic scowl.
  4. And on the other face, the game mirrors our life.
  5. Among the many tasks facing Chubais and the government are these:
  6. It's difficult to find face in a sentence.
  7. Aristide has held out no illusions about the difficulty he faces.
  8. That corporate donations will freeze in the face of escalating controversy.
  9. Chavis is far from sanguine in the face of the criticism.
  10. Initiative supporters said they faced another unexpected hurdle : voter disinterest.
  11. He faced four more hitters and made a lot of throws.
  12. Are they adequate for the problems we face today and tomorrow?
  13. He had a face that people could watch for two hours.
  14. The problem modern people increasingly face is becoming unstuck in place.
  15. Smith narrowly missed having to face McGriff as the tying run.
  16. There is no longer the possibility of recognizing a human face.
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