face-saving in a sentence

"face-saving" meaning  "face-saving" in Chinese  
  1. He finally worked out a face - saving arrangement
  2. Did either party participate in the creation of a face - saving solution
  3. A study of the relationships between face - saving behaviors and face concept in preschoolers
  4. More critical thinking , fewer face - saving concerns , and more equality on internet
  5. Ramesses hatches a face - saving plan well - suited to this more critical era
  6. It's difficult to find face-saving in a sentence.
  7. The patchwork deal that emerged from miami was little more than a face - saving formula
  8. Only if israel clobbers hizbullah hard enough might mr nasrallah be in the market for some face - saving way to give the plan his blessing
  9. The mediator first tells one party that he or she must give the mediator face by accepting what is proposed . contained in the proposal is a face - saving gesture for the other disputant
  10. He was seeking a face - saving deal with the bank ' s board that would allow him to resign under his own terms and escape some blame for the foolery involving his girlfriend ' s compensation
  11. Taboo words meet the needs of the cooperative principles by grice and face - saving purpose by sociologist goffman , which also shows the principles of calculability and cancellability while conveying conversational implicatures
  12. Analysts of all stripes in the capital worry that if a face - saving solution to the conflict is not found , the winners may be the fundamentalists ? who are far more radical and anti - west than the government now in power
  13. When ms dunn steps down as chairman ( in a feeble , face - saving compromise , she will remain until january and then become a director ) , mark hurd will add the chairmanship to his position today as the company ' s chief executive
  14. During internet discussions , students showed more critical thinking , and they were less concerned about public self - image face - saving and status than in classrooms , according to a recent study published in the best international journal in the field , computers and education
  15. 1 perhaps his most difficult decision was the refusal , against the advice of weaker brethren in america and elsewhere , to bargain the security of the western world by yielding to the specious russian offers of a face - saving accommodation at the expense of america ' s allies
  16. Firstly , some conventional ideas ? son superiority over daughter , superstitions , disbelief of science , no legal sense , indifference to politics , unawareness of environment protection , strong sense of seniors and juniors , too much formality , face - saving , going in for showing off , being easy to be content , conservativeness , lack of economic sense , narrow - minded nationalism ? still hold fast . moreover , some people have some ideas of unhealthy marriage

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