face value in a sentence

"face value" meaning  "face value" in Chinese  
  1. These companies all buy postage from the Postal Service at face value.
  2. Goldman itself holds bonds with a face value of $ 270 million.
  3. All the other grocers are redeeming coupons at face value for now.
  4. Scalpers got four times the face value of a $ 29 ticket.
  5. Would you have us take at face value everything a politician says?
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  7. He cautioned that survey responses cannot necessarily be taken at face value.
  8. They blacklisted people who tried to use them at face value.
  9. Nothing involving the Yankees can ever be taken at face value.
  10. But who can take such an image at face value now?
  11. Today, these trade at far smaller premiums to their face value.
  12. Not even his dog is taking his words at face value.
  13. Kaplan was skeptical that the certificates were worth their face value.
  14. They trade at 61 . 5 cents per dollar face value.
  15. They are just accepting what is being said at face value.
  16. The skeptics refuse to take what went on at face value.
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