face time in a sentence

"face time" meaning  "face time" in Chinese  
  1. There was money to be made and face time to be had.
  2. If he got any more face time, he'd have his own miniseries.
  3. Neither Bush nor Kerry has planned any face time in Precinct 10.
  4. But even small shops get face time _ because every vote counts.
  5. _Realize that " face time " can blow up in your face.
  6. It's difficult to find face time in a sentence.
  7. Suddenly, every visiting foreign dignitary lobbies for five minutes'face time with him.
  8. One man is an obvious criminal who could face time in prison.
  9. In 67 camera shots, Parcells's face time totaled 10 minutes 53 seconds.
  10. Another worker also had trouble dealing with the " face time " requirement.
  11. The dog is an accessory, a living prop, but maximizes its face time.
  12. Touch skin : Same basic meaning as facemail or face time.
  13. Once you can focus on outcome, face time is less important.
  14. St . Pitino erupts does the team get any face time.
  15. Many executives get quality face time with clients in a setting like this,
  16. New Hampshire voters demand an unusual amount of face time with the candidates.
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