face saving in a sentence

"face saving" in Chinese  
  1. Germany's face saving goal was scored by Jan Walle during injury time.
  2. He said apologizing would amount to mere " political face saving ."
  3. Egypt's victory, however, is little more than a face saving win.
  4. In a face saving gesture, they did so.
  5. Thomson ( 29 ) and Germon shared a face saving 42 runs for the eighth wicket.
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  7. ElRoy Face saved three games despite never entering later than the eighth inning in his four appearances.
  8. Amy's golf shot to the monster's face saves her and they make a run for the bridge.
  9. The coalition resisted Congress's demands, even after the party offered a face saving measure in a letter Wednesday.
  10. The Economic Times newspaper said a " face saving formula is being worked out to resolve the imbroglio ."
  11. But Klaas Van Noortwijk and Bastian Zuiderent resurrected the innings with a fighting stand to post a face saving total.
  12. But all-rounder Arshad Laiq and Shaukat Dukanwala shared a face saving 80 runs for the ninth batting out the overs.
  13. Flamengo came back with a face saving goal by Renato Gaucho in the 72nd, but had nothing to follow it up.
  14. Suggestions contributed by the parties remain anonymous, thus avoiding the face saving problem of accepting a suggestion made by another party.
  15. But Andrew Harris and Kevin Dean frustrated the visitors for 46 minutes in adding a face saving 51 runs before Jones declared.
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