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  1. Hunter's Invisible, a face powder, was favored by the actress Lillie Langtry.
  2. Each one has foundations, face powders and cover sticks that help reduce blemishes.
  3. Kallo used the goblins'face powder on her and healed her face.
  4. Apply face powder gently to keep it away from your eyes.
  5. Mother never wore makeup, except lipstick and a little face powder.
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  7. It also has a smoother application and helps blend the face powder better.
  8. In the late 18th century, litharge was used for wig and face powder.
  9. Material passing a 60 mesh screen will have the appearance of face powder.
  10. Neutrogena makes a foundation and face powder that sells itself as a skin-clearing formula.
  11. Gifts for teens in the post-War years included face powder, radios, telephones, and cars.
  12. To highlight your eyes, McEvoy says you can cover your whole eyelid with face powder.
  13. Metallic face powders to accent cheeks and eyelids ( such as Prescriptives Magic Liquid Powder)
  14. By June, they will be launching some cosmetic products which include lipssticks and face powders.
  15. Shimmering face powder ( such as Laura Mercier's Stardust to set makeup and create subtle sparkle)
  16. Her face appeared on such advertisements as Charm-Kurl Supreme Cold Wave and Max Factor Hollywood Face Powder.
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