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  1. For signage and face plates, etc ., special laser-marked plastics were developed.
  2. Black is standard, but colored face plates are available for $ 19.95.
  3. It is usually attached to a metal face plate attached to the spindle.
  4. In response, Mongul cracks the face plate of Kered's pressure suit, killing him.
  5. Like the 3200, custom rear face plates can be created by the user.
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  7. The popular Nokia 5100 and 6100 series cell phones have removable face plates.
  8. Other features included a decorated face plate and a triangular cross-section.
  9. Early Black Stripes also re-used the face plate from the Mark II series.
  10. The couplers are made of facing plates, one of copper, one studded with magnets.
  11. It featured a design only 9.4 mm thick and a full metal face plate.
  12. Unscrew and remove the face plate from the wall switch.
  13. The fourth features a zoom in on the cyborg with its face plate open.
  14. Black is standard, but colored face plates are available for $ 19 . 95.
  15. Stop drafts from wall switches and outlets by placing foam pads behind the face plates.
  16. The face plate is also used for irregular shapes.
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