face plant in a sentence

  1. Alpine body surfing : Face plants guaranteed every trip down the hill.
  2. However, illegal collection is not the only threat facing plants in the wild.
  3. Try to avoid frostbite and face plants.
  4. Gotta go get frostbite and face plant.
  5. I went after him and hit him, and did a 180 face plant on the ice.
  6. It's difficult to find face plant in a sentence.
  7. Private sector unions faced plant closures in many manufacturing industries and demands to reduce wages and increase productivity.
  8. Spills, skids and face plants _ not exactly a promising start for the men's Olympic gymnastics team.
  9. The worst came from Lynch, who finished sixth despite two face plants off the high bar within 30 seconds.
  10. Several more runs, and several face plants later, I decided that I had had enough for my first day.
  11. The first technical term added to a beginner's vocabulary when learning to snowboard is " face plant ."
  12. Clearly beaten by this point, Zaytseva executed a face plant a metre from the finish line and rolled across the line in second.
  13. The first turn is going from almost straight down to about 60 degrees downwards; however, the sled breaks directly through the mounted railroad and face plants on the ground.
  14. During winter, north-facing plants are exposed to frigid winds but receive little, if any, direct sunlight, depending on how close to the wall they're located.
  15. Skiing its five areas over the course of a day ( all with one lift ticket ), you'll rarely feel there's not enough elbow ( or face plant ) room.
  16. Likewise, the short length ( usually from 70-90 centimeters _ about 28-36 inches ) eliminates the crossed tips and face plants that often frustrate novice skiers and drive them off the slopes.
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