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  1. :Face perception plays a very big role in how we recognize other people.
  2. The study of prosopagnosia has been crucial in the development of theories of face perception.
  3. Like Capgras delusion, psychiatrists believe it is related to a breakdown in normal face perception.
  4. The basic principles of the Thatcher Effect in face perception have also been applied to biological motion.
  5. The authors interpreted this result as an evidence that action perception mediates face perception to emotion perception.
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  7. He is best known for his work on face perception and applications of machine learning in functional neuroimaging.
  8. Face perceptions are very complex as the recognition of facial expressions involves extensive and diverse areas in the brain.
  9. These observations suggest that underlying an apparently parallel process of face perception, a serial oculomotor process is concealed.
  10. There is considerable evidence that disorders such as the Capgras or Fregoli syndromes are associated with disorders of face perception and recognition.
  11. This is thought to be due to specific psychological cognitive modules involved in face perception which are tuned especially to upright faces.
  12. For further information on facial recognition and processing in individuals with autism see the autism and facial recognition section of face perception.
  13. This sort of evidence has been crucial in supporting the theory that there may be a specific face perception system in the brain.
  14. She excelled in right-hemisphere processed tasks, such as face perception, holistic recall of unrelated objects, and number perception.
  15. His research into face perception had significant contribution to eyewitness testimony and also the understanding of delusions of misidentification such as Capgras delusion.
  16. Face perception is an ability that involves many areas of the brain; however, some areas have been shown to be particularly important.
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