face pass in a sentence

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  1. For hemipolyhedra, some of whose faces pass through the center, the density cannot be defined.
  2. The pentagonal faces pass close to the origin in the uniform polyhedron, causing this dual to be very " spikey ".
  3. Saints winger Nick Zisti reduced the margin when he scored off a long face pass from Bartrim in 60th minute but it was too little too late.
  4. North Minerva ( Tongan : " Teleki Tokelau " ) offers the more protected anchorage, with a single, easily negotiated, west-facing pass that offers access to the large, calm lagoon with extensive sandy areas.
  5. Vancouver goalkeeper Dan Cloutier, who shut out the Mighty Ducks the previous night, let three of the first 10 shots he faced pass into the net and the Kings reversed a recent trend-- they had totaled just two goals in Potvin's last four games.
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  7. The worst of it will come when all those empty, grinning faces pass each other in spring camp, doing the howdy-howdy all day long-- players and owners wearing these huge Jack-in-the-Box clown heads, talking in happy balloons about their love of the game and respect for one another.

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