face palm in a sentence

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  1. The top 50 players of each faction will receive a special ranking, called face palm ranking.
  2. Face palm ranking is calculated by the amount of fame a player has accumulated versus other players fame count.
  3. The mallets are held between the thumb and index finger of each hand, with the remaining three fingers of each hand pressing the shafts into the down-facing palms.
  4. The competitive challenges facing Palm are numerous, from encroachment from competitors ( and licensees ) like Handspring and Sony, to the need to deliver on its promise to be an all-wireless company by year-end.
  5. Now based in Ehrlich's San Francisco Victorian, Silver Sprocket's business side works with numerous bands and graphic artists, including Mitch Clem of the Nothing Nice To Say webcomic to release his merchandise and managing his record label, Face Palm Records.
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  7. But if some commitment was made ( mandatory : no legal threats, where what a threat is . . . is not determined by Milo but by others perception of it . highly desirable : a commitment to be more collegial in interactions, no more intimidating, no more face palms as replies, and so forth ) why then yes, an unblock seems warranted.

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