face paints in a sentence

"face paints" in Chinese  
  1. His red face paint was already melting in the midday heat.
  2. Onstage, he wears white face paint and sports a false bust.
  3. Godina, pack up your implements with your face paint.
  4. But when they tested Carrey wearing face paint, nobody was satisfied.
  5. As light and flat as a smear of face paint.
  6. It's difficult to find face paints in a sentence.
  7. All that silver and black face paint will be OK, though.
  8. Walkara was often distinguished by the yellow face paint that he wore.
  9. Rufus'performance was poor until he started wearing Voodoo face paint.
  10. Green beards, green hair, green face paint.
  11. This was before pay-per-view, steroids and face paint.
  12. Tie-dyed clothes, face paint, pounding drums, psychedelic drugs.
  13. The musicians wear costumes and face paint while performing.
  14. The actors wear resplendent costumes, head-dresses, and face paints.
  15. They got the face paints and they each painted themselves with different patterns.
  16. Kiss long ago put away the face paint.
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