face painting in a sentence

"face painting" meaning  "face painting" in Chinese  
  1. There will be face painting, sand art and a dunking booth.
  2. Mostly primary and secondary colours are applied with contrast for face painting.
  3. Some vendors will provide stations for arts and crafts and face painting.
  4. What happened to the face paintings by the bucketful?
  5. Get some face painting supplies and make guests look like hard-core fans.
  6. It's difficult to find face painting in a sentence.
  7. Afterwards, have a face painting session with Anya Rathmell at the Plaza Level.
  8. There is face painting and masks are common.
  9. Also Gunpo establish many booth that prepared programs like face painting and photo time.
  10. If you think face painting is kid stuff and tattooing is too tough, try mehndi.
  11. T . W . Craik comments that face painting often is used to signify moral corruption.
  12. The kids are trained in balloon tying, face painting, magic tricks and other skills.
  13. The itinerary includes many fun activities for the community including head-shaving and face painting.
  14. A Kid s Train, balloon artists and face painting offer programming for families at weekends.
  15. There will also be refreshments, clowns, music, face painting and a canine Frisbee demonstration.
  16. The fair is a family event with face painting, puppet shows, and music for children.
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